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Hydra Island 2017

Alex Voyer x Kalypse


The installation was submerged during the summer 2017 below the shoreline of Vlychos Beach. Disoriented is a sunken exhibition that swimmers and divers can literally experience from the surface or in depth. The installation comprises nine large black and white wood sculptures of palm trees suspended in mid-water between a depth of 2 to 6 meters. The installation was submerged during the summer 2017 below the shoreline of Vlychos Beach

Disoriented, imagines a story of seed migration.The coconut palm species is an extraordinary sailor, able to drift above the ocean during many months waiting to encounter a piece of land to grow onto. Palm trees rising, on previously barren islands, are often the result of such voyage. Which form could this resilient plant take, confronted to a world with higher sea levels and disappearing atolls? Unable to reach any dry sand, could the leaves take a downward direction and mimic the behaviour of the feather starfish? The work dreams an encounter between the two species caught in an aimless storm and moody currents. The arrows refer to the wind and current patterns found on weather charts with here no clear trajectory.

It is beyond reason to anticipate how creatures might evolve while facing environmental changes. The installation addresses the issues of climate change from an emotional perspective acknowledging the difficulty to face the paradoxical movements of our times heading into countless directions.

An artist duo, a photographer and a wetsuit brand came together in Hydra Island in Greece to create eerie images of an aquatic eco-fiction. All actors of the project are aiming to creatively represent the space below the surface as a vulnerable world that needs to be explored, understood and protected. This Side of Paradise offers a playful approach showcasing retro-futurist figures inside a monochrome submarine forest. Discovering a new milieu, the personages act as guardians ready to defend an unknown species. The artist duo Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin were shot by adventurer and free-diver photographer Alexandre Voyer. They are wearing designer wetsuits by the new brand Kalypse which are made in France and tailored to each diver.

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